Beep sound in activa 5g

Beeping with no indicator lights Discussion in ' Gen 2 Prius Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting ' started by siouxscoutDec 15, I've been having an on going issue where my Pirus will start beeping but there is no indicator light I can see showing any kind of issue.

Activa Indicator Buzzer Installation -DIY- Easy Hindi 2017

It sounds like the seatbelt beep but louder and both will beep when my wife does not have hers on. I replaced the Aux battery was old needed to anyway with a yellowtop but that didn't fix it. And again there is no indicator on the dash or display showing issues no red or orange triangles. If you've managed to read through all this does anyone know what could be causing this?

Might be nothing, but its on every startup. Not sure what else I could check really. I disabled the backup and seatbeat beeps thinking it might be related idk.

Check all engine compartment fluids, especially engine oil level. Checked the oil and brake fluid, they're fine. Haven't checked the transmission oil of course but might end up getting that changed here soon. Still no lights on the dash. Last night it actually didn't come on one of the starts while I was out 1 out of 5 it did beepfirst time in a long time. But its back to beeping on every start. Are you the original owner?

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Is it the same sound as the normal beeps? I had one that did that and it was a GPS tracking device that had been installed inside the dash.

Sometimes buy here-pay here dealers do that to find cars when they are delinquent. The beeping is to alert the customer that the car could be shut down. Jimmy New Member.

Honda Activa 5G vs Honda Activa 6G Comparison

This exact thing just happened to me. It took me a moment to realize that although nothing was blinking on the dashboard in front of me, the passenger seat belt light over on the right side was blinking.

I had a heavy bag sitting in the passenger seat, and I had just taken a right turn rather hard. I reached over and buckled the passenger seat belt and the beeping stopped. The seatbelt beep is disabled, but it still beeps when the passenger weight sensor is tripped and the belt isn't buckled. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - Beeping indicator lights. Two second beep on handle black buttons prius-lifeMar 15,in forum: Gen 2 Prius Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Replies: 19 Views: 1, After accidental press on panic button, keyfob no longer starts alarm beep Toyotally04Jan 27,in forum: Gen 2 Prius Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Replies: 5 Views: Priuslover09 Jan 28, Source of Continuous Beeping? Replies: 1 Views: Fast triple beep while driving? Replies: 18 Views: 2, Replies: 6 Views: 6,I keep getting notification sounds randomly but nothing is showing up in the notification bar, its driving me crazy!!

Has anybody else had this issue? Go to Solution. View solution in original post. Something has been changed to high priority in a category list. You could change some of the apps you suspect to urgent priority and see if a visual pop-up matches the notification sound.

Or boot into safe mode for a while and see if it stops. I would wait and see if someone else has the same issue or a community moderator offers to help. I get the sounds like I have a notification but there is nothing in the notification bar.

Q: Why is there a beep from the front meter?it is continuosly beeping - Activa 5G.

Yes I understand. I have Wi-Fi calling on my phone. It it writes 3 or four notifications every hour. I set the notifications priority to high. Every time I turn the screen off and locked it would make the notification sound I set for it.

When I press the power button it makes the sound, when I swipe left to unlock it makes the sound and when I land on the homepage it makes the sound again. It also sends the sound when I do some of the usual things people normally do on phones.

At night it sends the notification every hour all night. It will drive you crazy if you don't know that's the one doing it. It doesn't add a visual notification to the notifications pull down screen. Tmo has set it as persistent so just the one notice all the time in pull down screen. Oh and when I restart the phone it writes 9 entries in the notification log file. I hope the preferences reset cleared that and wasn't to bad putting the settings back the way you want them.

Well resetting preferences didn't work either! This is really getting annoying!! If you have non Samsung apps installed for mail, chat, messaging, etc, you can receive what might appear as a "phantom" notification sound or LED without any brief on screen or lock screen display. These can be suppressed in the notifications shade as well. This has been a topic of discussion with several threads from people me included who are not happy with the lack of for example visual notifications when an event or incoming notification occurs.

I suspect you are using one or more 3rd party apps most of us are or dont have something configured correctly.

beep sound in activa 5g

I have a s9 now but I did have an s7. I swapped the s7 for the s9 because of this problem. And now since the last update this one is doing it to grrr. Its getting on my nerves! Finding the third party app, system app or service that's sending this notification by the process of elimination could take a while. Too many to deal with. I can only tell you that I use Nova Launcher Prime as my default.

Why Does My Samsung Phone Keep Beeping

This application adds a widget that can be used to open the notification log file. So each time an app or service sends a notification it writes the details to this system log.

Doesn't matter if it makes a sound, shows a pop-up or nothing at all it shows in the log. This is how I discovered Wi-Fi calling was constantly sending notifications without a sound. In short it's a good way to see who is sending that annoying notification to you.When surfing the Internet we may come across some complaints about beeping Samsung phone and many of us may agree that a beeping phone is rather annoying.

In this article the editor listed 4 common reasons for the beeping and gave solutions accordingly. App Notice Your Samsung may keep beeping because there is an app informing you of new messages.

Sometimes we turn off the visual notifications of some apps offer keeping the task bar tidy. Consequently, we can just hear the sound of notice when data works. So if your Samsung beeps, why not just operate the apps one by one to check out whether there is any sending out audio alerts?

beep sound in activa 5g

When the phone is in contact with your credit card, for instance, it tries constantly to scan the credit card and thus keeps beeping. Deleted File Just like computers, smartphones need the support of specific files to operate normally.

Sometimes, however, people delete those necessary files by mistake and thus cause the disorder of the system. Using the file manager that comes with the system would be a good choice when clearing memory for your Samsung phone. Moreover, once mis-deletion happens, factory reset may be of help. If so, your Samsung phone may be defective, and personal effort is not likely to get the beeping problem solved.

So turn to the dealer for help or ask for exchanging it. Above are four common causes for the beeping of your Samsung phone and solutions for each. There are still other sayings like overheating or low battery causes beeping, which remain to be proved.

EasyAcc QC 3. Surprising news! Tags: Samsung. SHARE :. I checked my phone and NFC was already off. I have a galaxy J7 Star also the volume when I listen to music is very low and both phone and headset are at max volume.

A beeping was caused by my phone having NFC on while the phone was in a wallet styled holder that my credit card was pocketed on the other side that had been flipped open.

beep sound in activa 5g

That placed the card back to back with the phone. Thanks to this article, I stopped the beeping.

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Thanks for this. My phone beeping all the beeping time. Have switched NFC. Hope that solves my beeping issue. Number 2 a was the problem, NFC, thanks for the solution, that thing was trying to scan my bus pass. Thanks for this, I had the beeping problem and it turned out the NFC was trying to scan my bank card.

I figured out what my beeping phone was. Ihad my bank card in the cover and as soon as i took it out the beeping stopped.

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Should you upgrade to Galaxy S20? Does Galaxy Z Flip have screen crease? Comments 16 Cancel reply.Honda Activa 5G Reviews. User Rating and Reviews 2. Displaying Reviews of Sort by : Recent Helpful. I am purchase a Honda Activa 5G Dlx model, what is the cash discount on this vehicle, clear me how much amount i had paid the vehicle on road price in Rourkela Delear.

Report Write Comment Was this review helpful to you? Good engine Problems faced within one year. Saily Kadvekar Mar 11, PM. Engine compression weak, Both tyre rims are rusty, Steering starts wobbling at 50 speed, Sidestand rusted, Engine operation noisy. I buy activa 5g before yesterday ,kannur showroom in Kerala kannur date Very bad experience very high heat in engine and tyre heat ,big sound and jerking.

beep sound in activa 5g

Battery problem Barinder Mar 11, AM. Replace the battery 3time before one year complete. Pathetic bike Jayant Mar 08, PM. With a year lots of maintaince Twice need to change the clutch board Also carborater is not functioning Need to change that also I think in coming days I may need to change whole parts.

Very nice scooter Shiva shanker Mar 08, PM. Good led lights and amazing dizen scooter seat buttun is good smooth engine. Overall review Muniraja Mar 04, PM. Not so big change from conventional activa I. Delux is just having digital meter that's all. Basic problem vibrations not settled and led DRL is given but headlamp should have have been kept as option because our city not needed.

Unnecessary life of the lamp would be reduced. Speedo needle shaky in all rpm. Doesn't match japanese standard. I feel whether it's 3g or 10g, they change only decorative stuff rather noise from gearbox at particular speed is not solved. This is my 3rd honda scooter and I feel some of the features are really good in Jupiter like cushion and comfort, pickup and handling.

Good for city riding Umesh Feb 28, PM. Good for city riding and top selling scooter good re sell value. My rating is 4 out of 5. Don't get deceived by brand name.Buy sounds previous play pause next autoplay mute unmute.

Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - stereo 2. File type WAV 96kHz, 24bit. Share share on Facebook share on Twitter.

Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - stereo 1. Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - reverse parking sensor - stereo 4. Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - reverse parking sensor - stereo 3. Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - reverse parking sensor - stereo 2.

Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - reverse parking sensor - stereo 1. Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - key in ignition - stereo 2. Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - key in ignition - stereo 1.

Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - driving - seat belt - stereo. Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - driving - seat belt - driver perspective Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - car door opening and closing - stereo. Renault Fluence - interior perspective - beeping from alarm - car door opening - stereo. Telephone beep from a Category: Telephone Tags: beepdomestichomeHousehouseholdphonetelephone.

File type WAV 44kHz, 16bit. Library Lynne Publishing. Several sounds from a heart rate monitor - in the operating quarters of a hospital. File type 0kHz, 0bit. Library Eneas Mentzel Sound. Sci Fi Ambiance Water F Library Kevin Durr. Sci Fi Ambiance Future NHonda Activa 5G is a scooter launched at a base price of Rs.

Activa 5G is powered by cc engine claiming mileage of 60kmpl. Activa 5G has a fan cooled, 4 stroke, si engine with automatic transmission. Honda Activa 5G comes with drum breaks in front and rear. Honda Activa 5G has wheel size of mm. It is available in 4 variants and 10 colours. It will, however, be survived by the new Activa 6Gwhich will hopefully rake in more numbers for the brand.

The last remaining units of the Activa 5G are still on sale at a starting price of Rs 55, The Deluxe version will set you back by Rs 57, both ex-showroom, prices. The scooter is powered by a It uses an age-old trailing-link suspension at the front and a hydraulic monoshock unit at the rear. For braking, the scooter employs mm drum brakes at both ends. The overall design of the Activa 5G is simple and straightforward -- solid metal bodywork from the front to the end with minimal surface changes.

The Activa 5G comes with a full-LED headlight and an analogue instrument console with a digital inset Deluxe Variant and service due indicator. What the Jupiter has going for it though is a telescopic fork, external fuel filler cap, and an optional front disc brake. It packs a slightly more modern CVTi transmission, a broader seat, and has better ride quality. You also have the Hero Maestro Edge with sharper bodywork and features similar to the Jupiter.

While the Activa may sound outmatched, it does have Honda's dealership backing, which is second to none. The price of Honda Activa 5G starts at Rs. Lacks features like external fuel filler cap and USB charger, price is high compared to rivals, no telescopic fork or disc brake option. The Honda Activa may be one of the most trusted two-wheelers in the scooter space, however, the new breed of scooters seem to outmatch and outpace the vehicle.

Yes, the Activa 5G does almost everything right, but the lack of features and design updates over the years have eaten into its appeal. That said, Honda now has the Activa 6G, which takes features and technology to the next level, and should help it retain its position as the best selling scooter in the Indian market. I was having good experience with Honda activa since to as I was having it in my college days.

They told me that vehicle takes time to get free up so, wait for few days. So I waited for few days. But the problem persisted and is still there. So I visited the showroom again, they asked me to visit their service center. So I visited it today. Serviceman told me that the problem might be with clutch.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up.

My neighbor and I purchased an Activa 3g at the same time. Also, the accelerator is not smooth to hand. I can hear my bike sound from mars away also when it is coming to stop condition. This is not same with neighbor's bike. Even when their bike is close to us it's sound is not very audible.

I can say definitely there is some difference in engine sound in my bike. What could cause this and how can it be fixed? I told the Honda dealer while I went to the scheduled service and he said he did it. But he did not fix it, the noise is the same. What should I do to get soft and smooth sound from the engine? This is a telltale sign of an exhaust leak. Have the exhaust inspected for cracks or leaks, especially before the muffler.

Depending on where the size and position of the exhaust leak it can explain the non-smooth throttle response. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Activa engine noise Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 5 months ago. Viewed 11k times. Tried to find a specifications for this model, was wandering if there is available 4-stroke and 2-strokes. That could be the answer! But no, only 4-strokes.

So obviously it'll be an exhaust issue, or the variator weights worn and getting stuck. Shaik does your rear wheel turns when the scooter is on the stand and the rear wheel is up? Active Oldest Votes. Zaid Zaid Honda service people serviced it.

I do not know whether they inspected for cracks or leaks. If I ask honda service guys, they will not respond. How can I check this? Since this is a new bike, is it still under warranty?

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If it is it seems completely reasonable to ask the dealer to fix the problem. Do a test ride with them to show what the problem is, and then have them explain what they did to fix it and check it again with them after it is repaired. If you cannot see where the issue is based on a visual inspection you could use soapy water in a spray bottle to spray areas where you suspect the leak occurs while the engine is running.

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